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July 24, 2023

Knowledge Engineering & Neural Network- A Hybrid Synergy


Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

GM - Technology & Ops Management

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need for efficient and secure cross-border financial transactions continues to grow. Globalisation of trade and commerce, internationalisation of businesses are reshaping the extended needs of cross-border payment solutions. Adoption of common currencies, relaxation of border clearance formalities etc. have brought more seamless transfer of money within countries in selected blocs. Another great force behind the size of the cross border payment and transfer of money is the movements of the Diaspora Community from one to another Country or Continent. These communities significantly contribute to the economy of the host and respective home country as well.

With the advent of fintech capabilities of Lulu Financial Holding( LFH), the landscape of remittance has experienced a paradigm shift, covering enhanced efficiency, speed, security and compliance giving rise to innovative solutions. Profile management of remitter and receiver as two sides of a coin with variety of needs, is prime focus with a highly adaptive regulatory compliant environment, global reach and a better cross currency transfer markup offering us edge over multiple solutions available for customers to choose the best to move money with a peace of mind. Biometric authentication like fingerprints, facial recognition are now mandatory technologies to ease the onboarding processes. Effort score of every customer to be the minimum while interacting with applications with a self-service driven model, which is the core focus area.

Variety of technology solutions has enhanced the possibility of transferring money more securely with digital payment platforms, Online Operations and Mobile apps, Real Time Settlements, Funding models and Aggregations, and a Blockchain powered Distributed Ledger model enabling seamless movement of individual transactional messages, settlements and journal entries, within multiple Service Providers. While every individual component in the domain in its capacity, building Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence( AI), Regulatory Technology(RegTech), Financial APIs and Open Banking etc and are grown as independent solutions and have gained unique propositions over a period of time. Every lead player is leveraging such capabilities to attract other smaller players and likeminded partners to operate under those bigger platforms built for such scalable operations at any size and with a decent amount of customizations. Technology is ever changing which then primarily eases the efforts of moving money security and instantly. LFH is offering a variety of such solutions to the customers, both internally and externally across the globe.

It is not easy to establish an enterprise level Business Infrastructure with all such complex networks, relationships, partnerships, and with a variety of regulatory frameworks, and a scalable infra and application landscape, to handle massive numbers of messages and secure information management seamlessly. LFH already has this space and is building unique Infrastructure which allows potential solution providers to connect and consume such proven capabilities. Every such engagement is additionally building propositions which are good for the global business and our individual expansion plans. We do encourage such labs, experiments and transformation programs within, and with similar intensity like we do our regular businesses. Our global presence, multiple treasury vaults, variety of operational licences and products are helping to build extended infrastructure which will be beneficial for all kinds of consumers, both Individually and as a Shared Service Provider. Another set of challenges most of the companies are facing are about De-risking and Business Continuity. It is a major agenda in every organisation and we are not different too.

Technical Infrastructure scalability is another area, to handle all possible and anticipated Business & Tech challenges are to be addressed professionally. With an investment of our sizable tacit knowledge and professionalism acquired from our long standing existence in the industry, strong and sizable frameworks have been established which are helping organisations to meet any kind of such exigencies and operational requirements. With a stringent Regulatory Framework and Data Security Standards Globally, every such business provider would be facing tough tasks to meaningfully and logically keep such infrastructure presented with confidence and offer the most modern facilities to abide by the strict guidelines released from various regulatory bodies. LFH is always keen to keep such operational models security and owning responsibility to assist achieving the desired results.

Partnership and coexistence is an essential culture in the financial industry and it helps to grow together consuming shared technology capabilities of various service providers. Lulu is always keen to work closely with the leading service providers and adopt the extended capabilities of Financial APIs and Open Banking. Such seamless interoperability helps setting a healthy operational environment with competition and innovative mindsets. Cross Border Payment Solutions, Hard currency business solutions ( Bank Notes) and Purpose based Payments are adopting similar capabilities to co-create and optimise the cash flow management, upselling and enhance revenue from combination of services.

Data driven decisions are helping organisations to set the goals and strategies in the ever changing competitive environments. As a pioneer player in the financial industry, our Technology driven initiatives are largely controlled by Data driven models. It covers Transaction Monitoring & Security, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting, Risk Scoring, Automation and Efficiency Driven Programs, Innovation and Product Engineering, and most importantly Customer Experience and Personalization. Our Customer Data Platforms, publishing of our individual feature capabilities with exposed APIs for the consumer and partners based on our earned capabilities and experience in the industry is the key to retain us as a frontline player always.

It is essential to diversify and grow laterally as well. Our market presence and growth aspects are complementing existing products and services line extensions. Our applications listen to the customer interactions, valuable data, and the measurable output created out of such engagements, are helping to access the possibilities around. Measuring market trends, competitive landscape, and with the strategic partnerships and alliances introducing new product lines to the vertical. Technology assist designing prototypes and simulation tools, to add additional product verticals to the scalable platforms already built to showcase services. Every such intuitive, and a low cost design principles are a triggering force to work with less noise, high efficiency and launching in style.

While aggressively speaking about the AI and ML opportunities, core strength is our people and a tribe who do not allow settling into the BAU environment, are our strength. Thinking wild and experimenting to derive the best out of the possibilities around us, without a fear of failure are keeping our fire alive, and we do challenge our benchmarks regularly. Every lateral growth opportunity does not come to the table by luck, but it has to be captured using the intentional experimentation and to allow adopting failures from labs. We do encourage challenging our Tech landscapes to derive such surprises and outputs. At the group level, we follow 2023 as A Year To Redefine, and that exactly fueling the purpose of redefining our People, Process & Technology for our Customers to attain the next level of Service Excellence.

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan