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Wage & Salary Administration

Introducing LuLu Money Salary Card, UAE’s first Digital Native WPS Payroll Solution.

Let your card be everything you need!
Streamline wage payments to pay employees on time.

Our licensed services are dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages. Salary payments will be streamlined and made on time, in full compliance with the country's labour laws.

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Wage Protection Scheme
  • Pioneer program dedicated to guarantee wage payments to workers and employees.
  • Fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of UAE
  • Fosters employee loyalty and productivity by protecting their rights
  • Our Relationship team ensures they are available for our customers at all time and serve as a one-point contact for all assistance.
  • All WPS customers are ably serviced by our support team available in all branches, ensuring they are served on priority.
Salary Administration
  • Simplifying payroll management with our WPS compliant ‘My Pay My Card’ debit card.
  • Used by over 30,000 corporates and over 400,000 employees.
  • Access services across the world using the MasterCard network.
  • Easy and instant access to cash through select ATMs in the UAE through the UAE SWITCH membership
  • All WPS customers can also send money using our issued salary card on our LuLu Money transfer app with exciting offers and benefits.

Payroll solution through our My Pay Portal

My Pay Portal is an online solution that simplifies the functions of employee payroll solutions for enterprises. One of the best features of this solution is the user interface. User interface is quite smooth and easy to understand. However, the main purpose of the solution is to upload Salary file and receive an MPN (an automated computer generated code once SIF is uploaded) on the registered mail ID & mobile number for depositing salaries at our branches or clients can also opt for an online transfer.