RemittancesSend money anywhere with ease.

Sending funds to your loved ones across the globe will never be a hassle when you make transactions with LuLu Money. Our range of Remittances services are all dedicated to ensuring just that.

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  • Counter C2C

    Counter C2C

  • Lulu Remit

    Lulu Remit

  • Transfast


  • Western Union

    Western Union

  • Counter B2B

    Counter B2B

  • Mobile


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Rates are updated every 24 hours. Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.

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1.00 BHD
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  • 0.27 USD
  • 18.15 INR
  • 14.12 PHP
  • 23.13 BDT
  • 29.17 NPR
  • 31.66 PKR
  • 4.81 EGP

Services that Thrive on your trust

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