Wage Protection Scheme (WPS)

The Wage Protection Scheme (WPS) is a pioneering program that fosters employee productivity and loyalty and protects the rights of workers within the UAE by ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages and salaries. Launched in 2009 by the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of UAE, this scheme aims to streamline wage payment methods within the UAE.

As a certified provider and licensed agent, LuLuEx can help your business comply with WPS regulations in a seamless manner. Furthermore, our innovative product MyPay:MyCard - the WPS compliant debit card - provides a holistic and simplified payroll management system for companies, as seen by its rapid adoption among 11,000+ corporate clients with 200,000+ employees.

Salary Administration


'MyPay-MyCard' is an innovative product that simplifies the functions of employee payroll as well as banking needs for enterprises. It serves as a debit card accessible within the UAE - through select ATMs - and across the globe through the MasterCard network. Through a strategic partnership with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) as well as MasterCard, this card does not require a bank account and provides a host of features, such as:

  • Exclusive services at LuLu outlets such as cashless remittance and cash withdrawal for any amount up to the card's available limit
  • 100% WPS compliant providing a safe and easy method of payroll management
  • International debit card with access to any international ATM displaying the MasterCard logo
  • Easy and instant access to cash through any ATM in the UAE through the UAE SWITCH membership
  • Instant shopping payment options at various UAE and international retail outlets

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