Aiming to deliver superior service quality for all clients at every consumer touch-point, LuLu International Exchange provides a wide range of money transfer services to meet all customer needs. By employing user-friendly mechanisms that promise speed, efficiency and real-time transparency, you can be sure that all your money remittance and foreign exchange requirements are handled efficiently by our strong service portfolio, which includes:

  • LuLu Now

    LuLu Now is our latest offering allowing you to instantly transfer credit to banks in India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt and Indonesia.

  • Direct to Account

    You can send money directly to the receiver’s bank account or use the country-specific inter-bank network to credit into any bank account in the world via LuLu International Exchange.

  • Cash Pick Up

    Money remitted by you from LuLu International Exchange can be collected from any of our more than 50,000 partner locations, including leading banks and money transfer companies in the receiving country.

  • Demand Draft

    Demand drafts to India and Sri Lanka can be issued from any of our branches.

  • Currency Exchange

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    • Rates are updated every 24 hours. Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.