Aiming to deliver superior service quality for all clients at every consumer touch-point, LuLu International Exchange provides a wide range of money transfer services to meet all customer needs. By employing user-friendly mechanisms that promise speed, efficiency and real-time transparency, you can be sure that all your money remittance and foreign exchange requirements are handled efficiently by our strong service portfolio, which includes:

1. Remittances

We provide remittance services such as bank account transfers, business-to-customer (B2C), cash pick up, door delivery as well as demand drafts at the best market rates. Instant access to all geographies along with an extensive global network of licensed financial players/ correspondent banks helps you conduct remittances anywhere in the world. Additionally, our strong team of Customer Relationship Managers assists and supports your remittance needs - with 100% service satisfaction. We also have our own facility for issuing demand drafts, making remittances an easy, instant and fully regulated service.

2. Wholesale Banknotes Operations

For smooth, secure and safe transactions for our high volume foreign currency traders, we have established a dedicated bank notes department to assist with import and export of foreign currencies. Fully equipped with best-in-class facilities and robust authentication mechanisms, it promotes transparency, reliability and flexibility. Small and medium enterprises and well as traders can leverage our banknote trading facilities to yield maximum returns through competitive exchange rates, thereby helping their business grow.

3. Foreign Exchange

We offer comprehensive foreign exchange services for customers within the UAE. Individuals can access any of our branches to buy currency at the best market rates. With an extensive network of branches strategically located throughout the UAE we ensure secure and speedy service with guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

4. Wage Protection Scheme (WPS)

Launched in 2009 by the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of UAE, the Wage Protection Scheme (WPS) is a pioneering program that fosters employee productivity and loyalty and protects the rights of workers within the UAE by ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages and salaries. LuLu Exchange’s MyPay:MyCard - the WPS compliant debit card - provides a holistic and simplified payroll management system for companies, as seen by its rapid adoption among 11,000+ corporate clients with 200,000+ employees.

5. Value Added Services

Got a utility bill to pay? Want top up your Eitsalat number or your family’s back home? Want to pay your credit card bill? Do all this and more at your nearest LuLu Exchange branch with our wide range of Value Added Services.

6. LuLu Gold Card

With LuLu Gold Card, enjoy a host of benefits for yourself and your beneficiaries including best rates for remittance and foreign exchange, discounts at various shopping and hospitality partners and much more.