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Identify your needs and evaluate exposure to exchange risk. Understand the currency market, have a risk management personnel monitor the trends and how they affect your business’s overall exposure. The exposure can be avoided by selling only in Naira; however, this may result in losing business opportunities for expansion to willing competitors. Have a policy!! “Many CFOs or FDs have too many responsibilites, so when foreign exchange markets move significantly, Boards can be very unforgiving especially when the rate drops by 10% or more but the risks were not hedged. On the flip side, if the rates go the other way, the CFO may be asked, ‘Why did you hedge?’ Having a foreign exchange policy signed off by the Board removes all these emotions!” Chris Towner, Managing Director, HiFX. Adopt the most straightforward non-hedging risk technique by pricing the sale in a foreign currency in exchange for cash. Another would be to use spot payments. This is when the buying and selling party agree to pay using today’s exchange rate and settle within two business days. The company can also net foreign exchange receipts with foreign exchange expenditures to minimize risks. Opening a domiciliary account can achieve this. Hedge with a forward contract; a forward contract is a special contract between two parties to trade an asset at a pre-determined price sometime in the future. There are no fees or charges for a forward contract. Hedge with currency swap; this is a derivatives product and is used when there is a differential in interest rates between countries. For example, interest rates in Nigeria are higher than interest rates in Switzerland. Hence it would be cheaper to get loans in Switzerland. When a Swiss-based company seeks a loan in Nigeria, the two companies can initiate a currency swap and agree to eliminate interest rate and exchange rate risk. Undertake a Vanilla option which allows you to trade foreign currency at a date and pre-determined rate. Like insurance, the option buyer must pay an explicit fee, a premium. Importers are protected against currency appreciation through a call option; meanwhile, exporters are protected against depreciation through a put option. On the other hand, if the value of forex appreciates, the exporter simply lets it expire and sells at the spot rate, although the premium would be relinquished at . Quantify the effect of the risk and create a flexible budget with an allowance to absorb this effect. Consult a finance expert if it gets too complex. Mazars is adequately equipped to assist with this.
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