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June 30, 2022

LuLu International Exchange rolls out relationship management programme for high-networth customers

LuLu Exchange – one of Bahrain’s most trustworthy and consumer-friendly financial services provider, has rolled out a special scheme for its High Net Worth (HNI) consumers.
As part of the scheme, HNI consumers will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager, providing them with an exclusive personal touchpoint to resolve queries, receive the best rates, get timely updates and track transactions, among others.
LuLu Exchange, which is aggressively rolling out a slew of high-quality services for different segments of consumers, has launched this new scheme to provide financial services advice and all-day support to high net consumers who prefer personalised support.
Highlighting the company’s focus on building better relations with its consumers, Edison Fernandez, General Manager, LuLu Exchange, said, “The importance of building consumer relationships has never been more pronounced that in today’s socially active times. Amidst our drive to turn our branches into consumer engagement centres, we are coming out with allied support services that will enable us to stand out for our quality of services and attention to detail.
Through the activation of HNI Relationship Managers, we hope to deliver improved consumer satisfaction and invaluable on-ground support. We will soon roll out more such creative programmes, each tailored to specific cross-border payment needs of different consumer segments.”
Some of the benefits being offered to HNI consumers enrolled under this scheme will include: Special rates, 24×7 support on call, Transaction tracking and support, Timely rate updates, and Reminder calls.