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May 8, 2024

LuLu Exchange Celebrates International Workers Day with Appreciation Initiatives

LuLu International Exchange, one of Bahrain’s most trusted names in cross-border remittance and services celebrated International Workers’ Day with resounding tributes to the tireless efforts of workers across Bahrain. It highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating the contributions that drive the economy.

In collaboration with Hilal Hospital, LuLu Exchange Bahrain provided complimentary medical check-ups to its esteemed customers. The leadership team hosted a special appreciation programme at Ramli Mall, recognizing and celebrating the invaluable contributions of workers from all sectors, encouraging a sense of unity and appreciation, and emphasising the important role of workers in progress and prosperity. Customers joined in the celebrations at all LuLu Exchange branches and received gifts as a token of appreciation and special recognition.
In a gesture of solidarity, the team arranged a special gift distribution at workers camps, emphasizing the company’s dedication to the community as a brand. and provided exclusive rewards to customers enrolling in LMRA Visa Registration Services at the Tubli Branch.

Mr. Edison Fernandez, General Manager of LuLu Exchange Bahrain, expressed his gratitude for the successful initiatives, stating, “LuLu Exchange has achieved the trust of thousands of workers since its inception in the nation and succeeded by nurturing a sense of assurance among the expat community. We are proud to have celebrated and supported the workforce through these meaningful engagements and initiatives. International Workers’ Day holds significant importance as we recognize the invaluable contributions of workers to our society.”

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