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September 11, 2020

LuLu Money emerges as a reliable fintech solution, thanks to enhanced digital innovation

Boasting of a simple and clean user interface, LuLu Money is powered by a proprietary software and robust remittance engine. Some of the superior inbuilt features of LuLu Money that have played a huge role in making the product a consumer favorite include:

  • The entire digital platform is built on Azure native solutions, thus allowing rapid scale-up of operations to handle the surge in digital usage.
  • A dedicated back-end team spread across Middle East, India, and APAC has been set up to handle security concerns, customer queries and global transactions.
  • Payment using salary cards has been activated in the UAE. This is a boon for thousands of blue-collar employees who have signed up for the company’s payroll processing service. Wire Transfer has also been enabled as a payment option. Such innovative payment options will soon be rolled out in other countries, as per regulatory permits.
  • The app has simplified the process to add new beneficiaries. The app has onboarded new payment partners and aggregators to its network, thus expanding its reach to more regions.
  • Auto rate processing facility has been activated to display best rates on the app.
  • Lower processing fees are in place to help users save more per transfer.