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Addeb AhamedAddeb Ahamed At LuLu International Exchange, our endeavor for excellence and passion for service is unfathomable. It is our vision to be the first choice in financial services and the most sought after organization by setting high standards in customer satisfaction. We are committed to our compliance to provide improved value to employees, business partners, and stakeholders alike.

LuLu International Exchange has a history of responsible business conduct and we strongly believe that real business success is not about measuring profitability, but also, focusing on how those figures are achieved. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity.

With operations in nine countries across the globe, it is our goal to ensure the company’s continuous growth. With our conviction that customers are at the heart of everything we do, our success is fuelled by the satisfaction of our valued customers. Our values, vision and mission motivate us to reinforce the foundation of trust, on which we thrive.

We believe that our continued success can be maintained by encouraging a strong corporate culture based on teamwork, communication, professionalism and business ethics. Our values, vision and mission motivate us to reinforce the foundation of trust, on which we thrive. Our commitment to effectively invest in our resources to improve, motivate, develop skills and efficiency makes us hands-on, caring professionals who go the extra mile to fulfill our corporate mission and meet high personal standards.

Trust, Values, Talent and Relationships, play a major role in shaping LuLu International Exchange and catapulting it to success by customers, employees, and shareholders alike.

Adeeb AhamedExecutive Director
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