About LuLu International Exchange

LuLu International Exchange is a non-banking financial organization and is a leading name in financial service sector, primarily dealing in foreign exchange, global money transfer and salary and wage administration. LuLu International Exchange has its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi and operates across UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, India, Seychelles, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Starting off with the first branch in UAE in September 2009, the company today operates 170+ branches out of nine countries worldwide. The various entities registered across the nine countries include LuLu International Exchange L.L.C. in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Asia Express Exchange in the Sultanate of Oman, LuLu Exchange Company in Kuwait, LuLu Exchange W.L.L. in the State of Qatar, LuLu International Exchange B.S.C (C) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, LuLu Forex in India, LuLu Exchange Limited in Seychelles and LuLu-Phils International Exchange, Inc. in Philippines. The organization is supported by liaison offices in India, Bangladesh and Philippines to facilitate smooth functioning of the group’s remittance business operations and provide seamless service to its customers.

Regulated by the regional regulatory authorities in the countries of their operation, the organization offers a range of financial services such as remittances services, currency exchange, wholesale banknotes operations, wage and salary administration and other value added services.

About LuLu Group International

LuLu Group International is a highly diversified entity with operations spanning a vast geographical landscape. The Group was established by Mr. Yusuff Ali MA – a leading businessman in the Middle East and its Managing Director. Spearheaded by the retail division, the Group has interests in Imports & Exports, Trading, Shipping, IT, Travel & Tourism and Education. A true follower of ethical business practices, the Group is a key partner in the development of the community.

The Group is home to a multinational employee profile that has more than 40,000 employees across 31 countries. It has gained a huge customer base by building popular brands of retail chain stores including the renowned LuLu chain of hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores. Al Falah Plaza and Emirates General Market are the other popular brand names under the group’s umbrella.

Today the LuLu hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores control 32% of the retail market share with 130+ stores spread across the GCC, Yemen and Egypt. It is also regarded as the retail pioneer constantly setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Firmly following the tagline "LuLu, where the world comes to shop", the Group has always tried to be a one stop shop for the multi-ethnic community of the region with an international mix of products as well as staff of different nationalities. The 500,000 plus shoppers who patronize LuLu daily are the true testament to the popularity of the LuLu brand.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting a dependable and trustworthy exchange to remit money is of the utmost importance. Your partnership with a money exchange needs to ensure the highest service and commitment as well as continued value for money. Lulu Exchange prioritize understanding the financial market, as well as its customer’s needs, ensuring prompt and reliable service always. Lulu Exchange guarantees:

  • Secure, easy and instant remittance services for individuals and businesses
  • Competitive rates for foreign exchange and monetary remittance
  • Vast network of branches globally
  • Member of The Foreign Exchange & Remittance Group UAE
  • Dedicated and professional customer service management